Stephen Fry has advice for MPs ahead of Syria vote

Stephen Fry has weighed in against air strikes in Syria, ahead of a key vote in Parliament today.

The House of Commons is today debating proposals to take military action in Syria against the terrorist group known as Islamic State, following last month’s attacks in Paris.

As part of its campaign of terror, the group has publicly executed hundreds of men accused of homosexuality, by stoning and throwing them off buildings.

Speaking in the Commons, Prime Minister David Cameron said that humanitarian aid could not restore order in Syria while the group was “throwing gay people off buildings [and] beheading aid workers”.

However, human rights advocate and TV host Stephen Fry took to Twitter to plead with MPs.
Stephen Fry has advice for MPs ahead of Syria vote
He posted a picture joking that “all previous such interventions – Iraq, Libya – have totally stabilised those countries, rendered them peaceful and reduced radicalisation”, and adding: “the way to stop the refugee crisis caused by people fleeing bombs is by dropping more bombs”.

Fry continued to tweet: “There’s only one rule in conflict: do what your enemy LEAST wants you to do. And here we are stumbling towards what they MOST want us to do.”

However, some critics told the comedian that he did not a right to intervene in the matter.

After he was criticised for speaking up, the host added: “Apparently I have to shut up, for I don’t have the right that others have to speak. Pity.”