Primark pyjamas covered in ‘tiny penises’ cause a stir among shoppers

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The retail giant’s latest collection of festive nightwear features a rather unfortunate design.

Customers have expressed shock and amusement, after some shoppers claimed a new range of pyjamas appear to be covered in tiny festive penises.

Primark pyjamas covered in ‘tiny penises’ cause a stir among shoppers

The design appears on the chain’s festive collection, which features a Boston terrier named Elfie.

The pooch bears the breed’s distinctive features – however, the white stripe down the centre of his face and overly chubby jowls have raised eyebrows among Christmas shoppers.

The festive headgear worn by the dog only adds to the idea, as Elfie sports a hat normally worn by Santa’s little helpers – with a bell on the end.

The furore surrounding the design began when a photo of the outfit was posted by a shopper on Facebook over the weekend – and was quickly shared hundreds of times.

“Treated myself to some jarmies in Primark today to go with last nights sausage dinner. I did giggle. I wonder what breed of dog this is,” wrote the woman who posted the picture.

“Hey look a balldog… I mean bulldog,” replied one user.

“So phallic…” added another.

If you would like a pair for yourself, bottoms are up for grabs for £5 and a matching t-shirt would be another £4.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Primark now lets trans customers use fitting rooms they feel most comfortable with.

As well as advising all staff in its handbook that transgender customers should be allowed to use the changing room of their choice, it goes on to say what to do “when in doubt”.

It reads: “Customers should be comfortable when they try anything on, so transgender people may use whichever fitting room they choose.

Primark pyjamas covered in ‘tiny penises’ cause a stir among shoppers

“When in doubt it’s pretty easy to know what to do – just give the same level of great service to everyone!”