Transgender person shot: ‘Hospital staff laughed whilst they bled’

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A trans activist has been shot and is now fighting for her life in Peshawar, Pakistan.

The member of ‘Trans Action Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’, who has only been referred to as Adnan, was attacked on Tuesday and was taken to a local hospital.

Transgender person shot: ‘Hospital staff laughed whilst they bled’

However, according to statements released through the groups Facebook page, the person was refused treatment for nearly two hours and was also subject to transphobic abuse from hospital staff and police.

“I have no words to share the hate and discrimination we faced in hospital today” the admin of the group said in a statement released on the groups Facebook page.

A member of the group, only referred to as Qamar, went into further detail when he explained to The Nation magazine.“Adnan was taken to Lady Reading Hospital where he was refused treatment.

“The doctors and police were laughing at us, while he was bleeding. We reached the place at 9:30pm and he got treatment at around 11:15pm. All this time no one was ready to attend him.

“We even reminded them the orders of the Supreme Court that a critical patient should be treated first later the police can follow up the case. But no one was ready to help.”

Unnamed witnesses spoke to The Express Tribune in Pakistan, claiming that two people on motorcycles opened fire on the car Adnan was travelling in with some friends.

According to the report in The Express Tribune, two suspects have been arrested and are suspected of threatening Adnan for several months prior to this incident.