Olivia Wilde has an incredible prediction for her son’s sexuality

Actor Olivia Wilde has said she hopes to rid the world of something, for her son’s sake.

The House star made the comments during an incredible interview with the Advocate.

She has one son, Otis Alexander, with fellow actor Jason Sudeikis.

In it, she talked about playing a bisexual teenager on ‘The OC’, of which she said “nothing about it scared or shocked me.”

The character Alex Kelly dated both Seth Cohen and Marissa Cooper.

“I was just surprised by the enormity of the response. I still have women coming up to tell me they started discovering their own sexuality because of ‘The OC’”

Going on, she really set out an incredible hope for the world in which her son grows up in.


Of labels, and bi-erasure, she said: “There’s this idea that bisexuality is somehow a lie, or irresponsible because you can dabble and not commit. I don’t agree with that. We need to embrace fluidity.

“I respect Maria Bello for her New York Times op-ed and book about identifying as ‘whatever.’ Why do we insist on labels that hold us back?”

Then, she said: “My hope is that my son, by the time he’s my age, doesn’t recognise a world in which we’re stuck in definitions others put upon us.”

Wilde’s comments come amid an outpouring of similar sentiments from celebrities.

Amber Heard in recent weeks spoke out again about her sexual orientation, saying hers is not defined by her marriage to Johnny Depp.

The actress, who stars in the Danish Girl, came out in 2010 as she dated photographer Tasya van Ree.

True Blood actor Evan Rachel Wood also made similar comments last September, saying she did not stop being bisexual even if she was with a man.

Johnny Depp was praised recently for congratulating his daughter Lily-Rose after she came out.

Wilde joins celebrity parenting winners such as Brad and Angelina, who last year allowed their child John to self-identify, and Kate Winslet who gave this incredible advice to her son, should he turn out to be gay.

Amandla Stenberg, a popular star from the Hunger Games film series came out as bisexual this week.