Anti-gay lawmaker ‘sick of cr*p’ rumours he is in a secret gay relationship with colleague

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A Republican lawmaker who launched an ‘investigation’ into a school’s LGBT event has strongly denied claims he is in a gay relationship with a colleague.

Iowa state representative Bobby Kaufmann, who chairs the Iowa House Government Oversight Committee, had ordered an investigation into an LGBTQ youth event at West Des Moines Valley High School.
Anti-gay lawmaker ‘sick of cr*p’ rumours he is in a secret gay relationship with colleague

The investigation was ordered after an anonymous “concerned” teacher claimed that the event was inappropriate for high schoolers, because of the discussion of sex, internet hook-up safety and consent – or as the lawmakers put it, “orgies”, “vulgar language” and “bondage”.

Kauffman this month appointed fellow Republican Greg Heartsill to head the investigation – but according to the Des Moines Register, he has since taken the opportunity to deny being in a “homosexual relationship” with the lawmaker.

He insisted: “I am here to announce that Rep. Heartsill and I are not in a homosexual relationship.

“I am getting sick of reading all the cr*p that is on the blogs.”

The anonymous report into the conference was released by anti-gay marriage group The Family Leader – whose president Bob Vaander Plats claims gay people are a “public health risk” akin to smoking.

Nate Monson of Iowa Safe Schools has warned previously that the ‘investigation’ is a set-up designed to smear the event.

He told The New Civil Rights Movement: “He’s going to use this spot to bully and harass Iowa Safe Schools to try and get that passed in addition to stopping kids from coming this year by distorting the event.

“Most of our attendees are rural kids who come with teachers and their parents. Every year these youth get to meet a major figure in our community.

“Homeless youth from one of our shelters come annually and for those kids rejected by their families to know everything is OK, that’s why we do this. Heartsill has no shame in wanting to hurt our most vulnerable youth.”