Gay guy confronts Marco Rubio over plot to overturn same-sex marriage

A gay voter cornered Republican Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio at an event this week – to challenge him about his anti-LGBT stances.

US Senator and Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio  was once considered a moderate in his party, but has tacked right hard in recent months on LGBT issues, claiming that God’s law “trumps” the Supreme Court on equal marriage.

Rubio recently outlined plans to demand a Supreme Court ‘do-over’ on same-sex marriage after rigging the court with new right-leaning justices, potentially voiding thousands of existing marriages.

He has also pledged to repeal Barack Obama’s landmark Executive Order outlawing homophobic and transphobic discrimination among federal contractors – the only federal law that currently protects workers from being sacked for being gay or trans.

Senator Rubio was challenged by voter Timothy Kierstead in a New Hampshire diner during a campaign stop, according to the New York Times.

Mr Kirstead asked: “Why do you want to put me back in the closet?”

The candidate insisted  told the voter “you can live any way you want”, adding: “I just believe marriage is between one man and one woman… I think that’s what the law should be. And if you don’t agree you should have the law changed by a legislature.”

However, Mr Kierstead was not satisfied by the answer – telling Senator Rubio that the Supreme Court had already changed the law, and that he has no right to try and overrlue it.

Rather than get drawn into a debate, Rubio patted the voter on the shoulder and made a quick escape.

Mr Kierstead shouted after him: “Typical politician. Walk away.”

In a release, the Democrats continued an in-joke making light of Rubio’s robotic, rehearsed style.

The DNC said: “It looks as though Rubiobot’s algorithm has encountered another glitch.

“The Rubiobot ran out of talking points when he encountered a voter who disagreed with his extreme position on marriage equality.

“Apparently, GOP officials haven’t corrected this glitch, which caused problems for the old model – the RomneyBot – in 2012.”

During the Presidential debate over the weekend, Senator Rubio insisted he isn’t a “bigot” just because he wants to systematically dismantle LGBT rights.

He was asked about the party’s rift with young Republicans on social issues such as same-sex marriage – which are now finding favour with the party’s younger members.

Rubio said: “First of all, I don’t believe that believing in traditional marriage the way I do makes you a bigot or a hater.

“It means that you believe that this institution that’s been around for millenial is an important cornerstone of society.
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“I respect people that believe differently. But I believe deeply, that marriage should be between one man and one woman.”