Studies finds that lesbians earn more than straight women

sexual fluidity

While there is major wage inequality across the world, some figures may surprise you.

Women generally earn less than men, finds most studies, with white American women on average earning 78 cents to the dollar of each white man, and the average Latina woman taking home only 56 cents.


However, unlike gay men who earn on average 11 percent less than their straight counterparts, lesbians earn an average of 9 percent more than straight women.

The figures are the findings of Marieka Klawitter of the University of Washington, who analysed 29 studies on wages and sexual orientation.

The studies in question looked at both direct questions asking respondents what their sexual orientation is, as well as others which The  less-direct questions, such as about their living arrangements, and who they live with.

The research, from America, the UK, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands was also adjusted to compensate for the fact that lesbians are generally more educated than straight women.

However the studies may still have missed some gay women, potentially distorting the results.

The fact that lesbians have been historically less likely to have children than their straight female colleagues, or possibly positive discrimination based on this assumption, could go part of the way to explaining the wage gap.

Lesbians also work longer days on average, and more weeks a year, found the studies.

This could suggest more experience, thus a better chance of promotion. Or it could be that because lesbian couples share out housework or childcare more equally means they are able to pour more into their working lives.

It is unclear why lesbians on average find a premium over straight female colleagues, but it does not suggest that they find it easier in any way in the workforce.


Lesbians face discrimination in hiring compared to straight women, evidence has proven.

That, and poverty among lesbian couples is 7.9 percent, compared to 6.6 percent among straight couples.