Historical lit academic compares Oxford uni gay books to paedophilia

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Notorious anti-LGBT activist, Dr Julia Gasper, has hit out at the social sciences library at her alma mater for stocking too many gay books.

In a recent Twitter exchange with the Oxford University department she said she would unfollow them because “this unsavoury paedophile movement should have no publicity or promotion from any university.”

The response was triggered when the library tweeted a picture showing their support for LGBT history month and had decided to showcase a number of texts as a result.

Continuing her rant to the library, she said: “Most “LGBT” history is invention, fantasy or wild distortion and it has no place in academia.” And added that it was a “disgrace”.

She has since tweeted Bodleian librarian, Richard Ovenden, to demand he remove the books.

Dr Gasper’s book, The Dragon and the Dove, was published by Oxford University Press.

Julia Gasper

The former UKIP turned English Democrat member has never shied from making her views on homosexuality and trans people well known.

In the past she has called on Grindr to be banned in order to stop “hundreds” of gay MPs and that World AIDS Day “congratulated” people on “spreading the disease”.

She has also said that PinkNews runs its own gay mafia and called for readers of the site to be sectioned under the mental health act.

Thankfully, Dr Gasper failed in her attempt to become a member of the European Parliament in 2014, with the English Democrats only receiving around 0.76% of the vote.

In the past she has also made her views about PinkNews clear, by saying: “The vile Pink News is at his throat like a rabid dog. This is disgusting anti-social behaviour. If you believe in democratic rights, tolerance, respect and true diversity you can go to his page and offer him a supportive message.”