These beautiful images prove that being LGBT+ is ‘not a joke’

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This beautiful collection of images challenges stereotypes of gender and sexual orientation.

Created beginning in 2013 by artist and activist Daniel Arzola, the collection ‘I am not a joke’, aims to strike down stereotypes.

Not a joke 7

Created around a number of issues, the images feature characters of all sexual orientations, and with varying gender identities.

The artist uses the intolerances LGBT people face living in Venezuela, and the collection tackles issues often leading to hate crimes.

Although the full collection is available on Arzola’s Tumblr page, here is a selection of some of the most fabulous.

Not a joke 8 Not a joke 11 Not a joke 10 Not a joke 9 Not a joke 5 Not a joke 6 Not a joke Not a joke 2 Not a joke 3 Not a joke 4