Clean Bandit star takes a swipe at Sam Smith’s Oscar win

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Clean Bandit violinist, Neil Amin-Smith, has taken to Twitter to hit out at Sam Smith and his Oscar-winning song.

‘Writing on the Wall’ picked up the best original song gong at this year’s ceremony and in his acceptance speech, Sam Smith mistakenly quoted Sir Ian McKellen by saying he was the first openly gay actor to ever win the award.

Clean Bandit star takes a swipe at Sam Smith’s Oscar win

Sir Ian had been talking about the best actor award and the slip saw Sam annoy a large section of the LGBT community, whom he dedicated the award to.

Neil Amin-Smith took to Twitter on Monday, claiming that Sam Smith was “talking crap again”.

He then went onto to compare Sam’s Bond theme to a “flaccid” copy of Michael Jackson’s hit 90s track, Earth Song.

Neil wrote: “Sam Smith talking crap again. Milk was such a beautiful film and Writing on the Wall is just a flaccid copy of Earth Song.”

Not content to leave it there, the ‘Rather Be’ star shared a quote from Sam where he said that people shouldn’t make an issue of their sexuality and described it as a “monstrous snippet”.

Neil’s response follows Dustin Lance Black’s Twitter spat with Sam Smith, where he asked him to stop texting his boyfriend, diver Tom Daley.


Dustin Lance Black returned to Twitter later on Monday to tell his followers that understanding LGBT history was important and that “we stand on the shoulders of the countless brave men and women who paved the way for us”.

Sir Ian McKellen has also taken to Twitter to clarify that he was speaking of a best actor nod and not about an someone winning an Oscar in another category, who is openly gay.