Teacher sacked after student steals phone and posts her nudes online

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A high school teacher has been sacked… after a student stole naked pictures of her and posted them on the internet.

Leigh Anne Arthur, formerly a teacher at Union County High School in South Carolina, had her phone stolen by a student.

Leigh Anne

The student later found nude pictures Arthur took for her husband, and posted them online.

Eventually the photo of the mechanical engineering teacher was shared around school and posted on social media.

“He had to hit my apps button to open up all my apps, and then open my gallery,” the teacher told WYFF4.

The Union County School District’s interim Superintendent, David Eubanks, has blamed Arthur for the whole thing.

He said: “I think we have a right to privacy, but when we take inappropriate information or pictures, we had best make sure it remains private.”

Later, the District issued a statement reading: “One of the most critical responsibilities that a classroom teacher has is the supervision of students.

“In this particular case there was a breakdown in the classroom in that most critical area. Evidence and statements indicate that the teacher was not where she should have been at the time the incident occurred.

“As a result, a student accessed inappropriate material on her phone, sent it to others, and as a result also may also be severely punished by law enforcement as well as the school district.”

Now residents of the District and beyond have signed a petition against the “slut shaming” incident.


Started by three students, at time of publication over 15,000 people had signed it.

It reads: “Leigh Anne Arthur is the victim of a blatant attack of her privacy. Personal photographs were illegally obtained by a student… the circumstances in which Mrs. Arthur was let go is unacceptable, and must be corrected.”

Despite having received a huge amount of support, the petition creators say Eubank dismissed it as “insignificant”.

Since the story broke, Eubank has suggested that the teacher routinely let students use her phone, which the students have also suggested is false.