19 pictures which prove you’ve just got a dirty mind

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Everyone knows that moment – where you double take – you think ‘that can’t possibly be…’.

But no – it can’t – you’ve just got a dirty mind, and the internet has ruined everything for you.

Beware – people looking over your shoulder might think you’re looking at NSFW content

19. Game of rugby anyone?


18. Definitely just a baby’s eye… why what were you thinking?

Baby eye

17. Nothing to see here, just some chairs


16. If you see something rude here, you need to check yourself


15. WRONG AGAIN – it is just a man lying next to his baby – get a grip

Mans head

14. Guys she likes JAZZ… you need to have a word with yourself


13. And this woman is sitting with her legs CROSSED just like everyone else

Legs akimbo

12. Not even kids books are safe from your filthy mind!


11. You should know better than to be thinking what you’re thinking…


10. Okay but they might have realised this one…


9. And this looks a bit too rude to be on kids’ TV


8. But this one – you really are just seeing that – it’s not everyone, it’s just you…


7. It’s just a worm… a HUUUGE gummy worm…


(Actually does this one remind you of something? Oh, Rick…)


6. But seriously, if you’re seeing anything other than a puppy, have a think…

19 pictures which prove you’ve just got a dirty mind

5. REALLY? That’s what you were thinking.. It’s a BABY PIG


4. I mean this could look a bit less like what you think it looks like

butt plug

3. And Obelix probably shouldn’t be doing that…


2. But this is definitely JUST A DONUT


1. Okay, I’m done