Google shrugs off Kenya’s demands to block gay music video

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Google has ignored an ultimatum from Kenya’s media regulator, after the body ordered it to block access to a gay music video.

Kenyan band Art Attack released a music video last month for their remix, which features images of same-sex couples and pride marchers in the country.

Despite attracting attention online, the video fell foul of the Kenya Film Classification Board – which denied the video a license because “it does not adhere to the morals of the country”.

The regulator later threatened action against internet giant Google because the video is still accessible in Kenya on YouTube

According to AllAfrica, on March 1 KFCB Chief Executive Ezekiel Mutua warned Google it had just one week to comply.

He warned: “Kenya must not allow its people to become the Sodom and Gomorrah of the current age through psychological drive from such content.

“We have written to Google to remove the video from their platforms. We expect they will do it within one week from now to avoid further violation of the law.”

However, the video appears to be very much still online – despite the deadline passing.

A spokesperson for Google told online outlet Quartz: “YouTube has clear policies that outline what content is acceptable to post and we remove videos violating these policies when flagged by our users.

“We review government removal requests when notified through the correct legal processes and in keeping with our company philosophy on transparency and freedom of expression.”
Google shrugs off Kenya’s demands to block gay music video
It is unclear whether the Kenyan body actually has any authority to take action against Google.