Malawi bishops attack government over homosexual acts

Catholic bishops in Malawi have attacked the government for placing a moratorium on ‘harmful’ homosexual laws.

In a letter to parishioners, the bishops condemned homosexuality and the government’s actions.

They said that although the homosexual “condition is disordered but not sinful in itself”, if a person was to act on their feelings and have sex or a relationship, “these are objectively evil and totally unacceptable”.

The attack on the government came after it paused prosecutions of gay people under anti-homosexual laws in December. At the time justice minister, Samuel Tembenu, said a review would take place in consultation with the people of Malawi.

In their letter, the bishops said this was a “faulted” decision and the government should reconsider.

“From this perspective, we agree with those who have faulted the Government for putting a moratorium on laws governing homosexual acts.” read their letter.

“This means that those guilty of homosexual acts or unions cannot be prosecuted.

“The Government has bowed down to pressure from donor community, international bodies and local human rights campaigners.

“As Pastors, we find this path very unfortunate. It is an act of betrayal on the part of those in power to sell our country to foreign practices and tendencies contrary to the will of God because of money.”

They did add that although they did “not condone homosexual acts” they didn’t believe in violence against the LGBT community.

The letter also attacked abortion saying “our society that promote a culture of death instead of a culture of life”.

According to the New York Times, the US government has supplied more than $350 million (£230 million) into supporting LGBT rights groups in sub-Saharan Africa.