Ghana politician: “Africa must resist homosexuality”

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A former senior politician from Ghana has said the country must resist homosexuality.

Mike Ocquaye, who was the deputy speaker in parliament, said that despite pressure from Western governments to adopt LGBT rights, Ghana must resist.

Ghana politician: “Africa must resist homosexuality”

“We have got to stand our ground,” he said in an interview with the Exclusive Breakfast Show.

“We have got to make certain things clear as Africans, and we’ve got to make people, at least, respect us that as for Africans, we say a man is not going to put his sexual organ into a man’s back, and that is Africa for us.”

Mr Ocquaye’s comments came as a number of MSPs left the parliamentary chamber when Ghana’s President John Mahama visited Scotland and attended First Minister’s Questions on Thursday.

He continued that only if Africa took a strong stand would the world respect its views.

He said: “When we take a strong unambiguous stand, they will come to respect us. Is homosexuality the only issue around that we should be discussing with them?

“There is a global gay lobby. They are fighting for recognition. They are fighting with plenty of millions of dollars to transport their anomalous behaviour globally. We must resist it with all our strength.”

Previously, Mr Ocquaye has made numerous accusations about LGBT people, including how they had caused Britain to have “a serious crisis” of family values.

He also said that homosexuality is the new sodomy slave trade.