Watch: This dad posted a rap battle response to Christian mum’s anti-trans ‘bathroom’ rap

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A dad has posted a response to a “concerned” mother who made a rap video about banning trans people from public bathrooms.

Alberta mum MH Weibe posted a widely-viewed video last week about “gender benders” after her local school district adopted a policy which states trans students should be allowed to use the toilet of their preferred gender.

She raps: “I am a concerned mother of three, keep male and female washrooms where our children can pee.

“What’s the fuss over transgender washrooms we discuss, is this really really such the issue to focus and put our taxes to?”

“This is just a fender bender, all over sex and gender. Can we pick another issue, than to change our bathrooms for a few?”

However, one dad has posted an epic response – challenging her surreal fixation on the issue.

Concerned father of three Ryan Sauve posted his own rap ‘Respect Diversity’ – because apparently enough kids haven’t been mortified by their white parents rapping yet – striking a message for equality.

He raps: ““Now let’s see, it’s the 21st century! Gay marriage is legal and that don’t bother me.

“Homophobia, biphobia, transphobia/ an easy scapegoat for the scared and angry.

“It’s about these kids who can’t be forced to hide their true identity

“It’s time to unite and take a stand, and rid our schools of this bigotry.”
Watch: This dad posted a rap battle response to Christian mum’s anti-trans ‘bathroom’ rap
He continues: “Now understand this this, I have three kids too, a set of twin girls and a son (oo-ooh!).

“However they choose to identify, I’ve got their backs because that’s what I do.”

For the sake of your children’s social lives, parents: please stop rapping in public.

Sauve certainly understands fatherhood better than a Republican Senate candidate in Maryland Richard J Douglas.

Speaking in a TV debate this week, Douglas insisted he is still opposed to equal marriage even though his own daughter is gay.