Canadian bar threatens to kick out trans people who don’t use bathroom of their ‘birth gender’

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A bar in Canada has come under fire for threatening to kick out trans people for using a bathroom other than their “birth gender”.

Trans woman River Rising encountered the treatment in Corona Tavern, while visiting the city of Medicine Hat in Alberta for a wedding.

However, staff at the pub warned her to only use the men’s bathroom – and she was dismayed after the incident to learn that a sign has since been put up banning trans women from using the female toilets.

In a Facebook post she wrote: “Two weeks ago I was in Medicine Hat attending a local bar called The Corona and was asked several inappropriate questions about my transition by the staff and then was told if I used the women’s washroom I would be kicked out of the bar.
Canadian bar threatens to kick out trans people who don’t use bathroom of their ‘birth gender’
“They asked me if I was yet to have GRS and I was told my presence would make the women feel uncomfortable.

“I told them I had not used a men’s washroom since I was 17 and I had no intention of starting.

“The majority of the staff and bar patrons were mortified by the opinions of this one manager so despite this person I went on with my night, not using any bathroom at all.

“Now nearly two weeks later I have been informed this sign has been up and I am disgusted they think this degrading and archaic behaviour is acceptable or even legal.

“I don’t live there and I have no intention of ever setting foot in that establishment again but the local [LGBT] community should not have to deal with this nonsense.”

The Corona Tavern told Global News: “We have had numerous complaints about males going into the women’s washroom. The clientele that we serve are often under the influence of alcohol and some young men, who are not transgendered [sic] have been claiming to be, to enter the women’s washroom.

“This has caused some young female patrons to feel unsafe and threatened.

“We have no bias against those who are LGBT and in fact have always been proud to serve this population within our business.”

The bar said it would “change one bathroom into a gender neutral bathroom in order to immediately address the problem.”

The bathroom fear-mongering has spread from the US, where it has reached new heights.