Every LGBTQ+ artist performing at Eurovision 2024 – including Olly Alexander

Image shows non-binary pop star in their music video for "The Code"

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest – also known as gay Christmas – is taking place this week, and there are plenty of LGBTQ+ artists taking to the stage.

As one of the most popular music competition shows, particularly for queer people, it’s only natural to want to know which artists are representing the LGBTQ+ community.

Eurovision is taking place in Malmö, Sweden, this year with 37 countries battling it out for the title and the honour of hosting the next Eurovision Song Contest.

Two semi-finals will be taking place on May 7 and May 9 respectively, and the grand finale will take place on May 11.

Out of 37 acts performing at Eurovision 2024, 8 are out and proud members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Bambie Thug – Ireland

Bambie Thug, from Cork, is representing Ireland in Eurovision this year and is performing their 2023 song “Doomsday Blue” from their EP, Cathexis.

Bambie uses they/them pronouns and is the first non-binary artist to represent Ireland at Eurovision.

They told PinkNews last November that realising they are non-binary allowed them “to be more free as a person and therefore more free in my music”.

Electric Fields – Australia

Electro-pop duo Electric Fields are representing Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “One Mikali (One Blood)”.

The song incorporates Yankunytjatjara, an Aboriginal language of the Anangu people, one of the oldest living communities in the world.

Electric Fields is made up of Michael Ross and Zaachariaha Fielding, both of whom identify as queer. The band motto is “bypass the barriers”, and Fielding and Ross describe themselves as “two feminine brothers”.

Kenzy Loevett – San Marino

Spanish rock band Megara is performing the song “11:11” at Eurovision for San Marino, with the song fusing elements of rock, metal, dance, and electronica.

The band previously said they don’t want to be “pigeonholed” into any one genre of music.

Megara is made up of four members, and the band’s lead vocalist Kenzy Loevett is a lesbian and was previously married to actress Aria Bedmar who played Camino Pasamar in period soap opera Acacias 38.

Mustii – Belgium

Mustii is a familiar figure in Belgian pop after releasing two studio albums and has also been a judge on Drag Race Belgique.

His entry for Eurovision is “Before the Party’s Over” and Mustii identifies as queer. In an interview with the queer magazine KET, he revealed that while he initially identified as bisexual, he now prefers to avoid labels altogether. He expressed that he simply wants to believe that he likes ‘people, singular free human beings.”

In 2023, he cemented his queer credentials by appearing as a judge on Drag Race Belgique, alongside Rita Baga and Lufy.

Nemo – Switzerland

Swiss singer Nemo is performing “The Code” at Eurovision, which is about their experience of coming out as non-binary.

The singer previously explained that they didn’t “feel like a man or a woman… I had to break a few codes”.

“‘The Code’ is about the journey I started with the realisation that I am neither a man nor a woman. Finding myself has been a long and often difficult process for me. But nothing feels better than the freedom I have gained by realising that I am non-binary.”

Olly Alexander – United Kingdom

The UK’s very own Olly Alexander is performing at Eurovision this year, which he confirmed during the Strictly Come Dancing final in December. He told PinkNews recently he plans to make his performance “as gay as possible”.

Alexander is known for performing in the band Years and Years as well as acting in the Channel 4 drama It’s A Sin.

He said that performing at Eurovision is a “dream come true” and the song he chose is called “Dizzy”/

Alexander is well-known for being outspoken about LGBTQ+ rights: he identifies as gay, queer and non-binary. You can read a list of 12 times Olly Alexander proved himself a powerful queer icon here.

Saba – Denmark

SABA is a multi-talented star from Denmark, known for being a singer, musical theatre actress, and model. Known as SABA on stage, her real name is Anna Saba Lykke Oehlenschlæger and she will be representing Denmark at Eurovision this year with a song titled “Sand”.

SABA is LGBTQ+, telling Wiwibloggs in an interview that she is in a relationship with a woman who is very supportive of her musical pursuits. She has said that she is proud to be the first brown, queer woman to sing for Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Silvester Belt – Lithuania

Silvester Belt is Lithuania’s chosen representative at Eurovision 2024. Belt previously took part in the Lithuanian singing competitions Aš – superhitas and The X Factor and will be performing an electro-pop song titled “Luktelk” in the contest.

Silvester Belt is bisexual and came out in 2017. He has previously described LGBTQ+ icon Troye Sivan as his “all-time inspiration”. Same, Silvester, same.