Outback grass makes world’s ‘thinnest, strongest’ condoms

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Ingredients found in spinifex grass are being used to create a range of “super-condoms”.

A spiky grass that sprouts across the outback has been found to contain the ideal ­ingredients to make the world’s thinnest, strongest ­condoms.

The bitter grass has long been used by Aboriginal ­hunters to shape their ­deadly spears.

Outback grass makes world’s ‘thinnest, strongest’ condoms

However, scientists from the University of Queensland are so impressed with the durability of the long fibres contained in the grass, they have ­commissioned a factory to ­provide the raw material for a range of “super-condoms”.

“What we’ve found is that if you break this grass down into its smallest building blocks they’re actually soft and flexible and tough,” said Darren Martin, of the university’s institute for bioengineering and nanotechnology.

“It’s a super-tough plant that has evolved to survive under incredibly hot conditions.

“Added to latex, it can ­produce the world’s thinnest and strongest condoms.

“We’re getting a 20 per cent increase in the burst pressure and a 40 per cent increase in the burst ­volume.”

Martin said the discovery could spawn a new type of condom that could be up to 30 per cent thinner than anything presently on the market and could even be as thin as a human hair.

This has obviously led to interest from some the world’s leading contraceptive manufacturers.

“There’s a lot of interest, very serious interest, from all the big players,” Professor Martin said.

“Companies would be looking to market the thinnest, most satisfying prophylactic possible.”

Outback grass makes world’s ‘thinnest, strongest’ condoms

Experts also say the discovery could lead to more gay men using condoms, reducing the risks of STI’s.

In 2014, research exclusively published by PinkNews.co.uk showed 70% of young gay men believe that sex without condoms was more pleasurable and exciting.

94% also said they were more likely to have unprotected sex with a good looking guy.