Drastic increase in LGBT killings in Honduras since US-backed coup

Since the country’s left-wing leader was ousted in 2009, LGBT people have faced a dramatic increase in the risk of torture, prison and murder.

The Index on Censorship, produced in the UK, looked at data from NGOs in the Central American country.

It found that since 2009, when president Manuel Zelaya was ousted during a military coup, there have been 215 murders of LGBT people.

In 2015, there were 37 deaths.

This is a hugely increased number as previous – 20 LGBT people were murdered from 1994 until the coup, which was backed by the US.

Speaking to the Morning Star, gay rights activist Donny Reyes said: “I’ve suffered torture and sexual violence because of my activism, and I’ve survived many assassination attempts.”

Police officials have been suspended over the killings of drug prosecutors.

According to audio recordings, assassins were paid around £14,000 to kill anti-drug chief Julian Aristides Gonzalez in 2009.

While it is legal to be gay in Honduras, there are no discrimination protections for LGBT people.

Same-sex marriage and adoption are also prohibited by the country’s constitution.