Check out this trans model, about to take over the fashion world

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A new transgender model is hitting the catwalks, and is set to be a huge star.

Siobhan Atwell, according to Vogue, is “about to take over the industry”.

Check out this trans model, about to take over the fashion world

At the beginning of her modelling career, Atwell posed for both men’s and women’s shoots, taking a leaf out of fellow-trans model Andreja Pejic’s book.

But having decided to transition to female, she spoke to Vogue about her inspirations, and where she draws her strength from.


Of the interest in her posing with more feminine looks, she says: “It started changing the way I thought about it all,” said the 22-year-old Canadian.

“I felt more comfortable being a woman, started to like being referred to as ‘she.’”

The model says she is inspired by Paris Hilton, “on a business level,” she clarifies.

She is also motivated by the videos of YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous, also Canadian, also trans.

“I knew of her before she was trans,” says Atwell. “And she was just so positive and beautiful, and just her personality—how happy she was after.”

Of her decision to transition, Atwell says she spent time finding doctors she felt comfortable with.

“You have to take time to think about it,” she says, “especially when you are young. There’s no need to rush it, and you want to make sure you have a great support system to back you up.”

Trans model TJ Jans took to the catwalk last month at Western Canada Fashion Week.

Check out this trans model, about to take over the fashion world

Meanwhile in Germany, trans male model Ben Melzer landed the esteemed cover of Men’s Health magazine.

Last year, model Aydian Dowling was the runner up for a competition to win a cover shoot for Men’s Health US – having found a huge amount of public support.