Watch Game of Thrones stars kiss and make up live on TV

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Fans were overjoyed to see the arch-enemies bury the hatchet.

Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton) and Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week, to discuss the upcoming season of Game of Thrones.

Watch Game of Thrones stars kiss and make up live on TV

However, fans were delighted when the pair sealed the interview with a kiss!

Kimmel encouraged the on-screen enemies Rheon and Allen to resolve their conflict by embracing each other during their appearance.

“You know what would be a really nice thing and sell this whole idea that this is actually acting,” Kimmel quipped.

“We’ve seen so much unpleasantness between the two of you, if you were just to hug between the two of you, I think it would be really sweet…”

The pair were quick to hug – but shocked everyone after going in for a cheeky smooch.

In the show, Rheon’s sadistic Bolton hold’s Allen’s Greyjoy captive, regularly torturing him – and even removing his manhood.

Their kiss was a particular treat for some fans, who describe the character’s relationship as homoerotic.

“I couldn’t resist,” Rheon said afterwards.

The latest series of the show will be the first to overtake the books they are based on, written by George R. R. Martin.

Fans are especially excited for the upcoming run, as many are keen to find out the fate of Harrington’s Snow – who was left bleeding to death at the end of season 5 – including the wife of the show’s writer David Benioff.

Watch Game of Thrones stars kiss and make up live on TV

Kimmel also aired a clip from season six featuring an interesting plot-twist – do not watch if you want to avoid spoilers!

See the kiss below – skip to 1.15!