The best LGBT scenes and characters in Game of Thrones

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OK, Game of Thrones is jam-packed with straight couples, straight sex, straight incest…

But, thanks to characters like Yara Greyjoy, Oberyn Martell and Loras Tyrell, Thrones features some pretty decent LGBT moments.

We’d love a few more, mind… *hint hint, DB Weiss and David Benioff*.

And, while we’re at it, we really wouldn’t mind seeing Cersei (easily GoT’s hottest woman) getting it on with girl. Move over, Uncle Jaime.

So, starting from the very beginning, here are Game of Thrones’ great gay moments…

Daenerys’ handmaiden Doreah teaches her how to please Khal Drogo

Season 1, episode 2: The Kingsroad

Although Daenerys Targaryen is clearly interested in men in the TV series – despite being bisexual in George R R Martin’s books – she does have something of a same-sex encounter in the first season of Thrones.

After she marries Khal Drogo – and has some rather unpleasant sex with him – Dany enlists the help of her handmaid Doreah.

Doreah shows Daenerys how to please Drogo in bed, also reminding her that she’s not a slave, “so don’t make love like one”.

OK, it’s more a lesson in how to do straight sex, but it’s between two girls and it’s the first time we see anything remotely LGBT happen in GoT, so we’re including it.

Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon are in a loving relationship

Season 1, episode 5: The Wolf and the Lion

Later on in Game of Thrones’ first season, Ser Loras and Lord Renly are revealed to be lovers – making this the show’s first proper LGBT moment.

The pair meet in a bedchamber where Loras tells Renly he should claim the Iron Throne, while giving Renly a nice fresh shave.

“You would be a wonderful King,” says Loras, right before he goes down on Renly.

Season 2, episode 3: What is Dead May Never Die

We don’t see Loras and Renly getting steamy again until the second series – though Loras is so miffed about Brienne of Tarth being made a member of Renly’s Kingsguard that he puts a stop to it. He then reminds Renly that he needs to father an heir with Queen Margaery.

Sadly for Margaery, her advances are rebuffed by Renly, but she’s pragmatic about his sexual orientation and suggests including Loras, her brother, in the baby-making, just to get Renly going.

Renly and Loras’ love story doesn’t last much longer, though, as Renly is murdered by his brother Stannis Baratheon (well, the weird baby-shadow-ghost of Stannis that Melisandre gave birth to).

Loras moves on and hooks up with sex worker Olyvar

Olyvar and Loras on Game of Thrones (HBO)
Olyvar and Loras on Game of Thrones (HBO)

Season 3, episode 5: Kissed by Fire

Loras is really sad when Renly dies, but he picks himself up and has moved on by season three with Olyvar – a gay male sex worker at Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish’s brothel.

Posing as Loras’ squire during a sparring match, Olyvar flirts with the Knight of Flowers, and the pair later have sex, after which Loras asks, “How did you know?”

Season 5, episode 1: The Wars to Come

The pair are still seeing each other two seasons down the line, as they’re shown cuddling post coitus.

While in bed together, they talk about Loras’ birthmark, saying it looks a little like Dorne – before Margaery walks in on them and tells Loras off for being late for dinner, and for not being discreet about his gay lover.

Loras explains that everyone knows about his sexuality anyway.

The birthmark, unfortunately, leads to Loras’ eventual arrest at the hands of religious fanatics the Sparrows, which, in turn, leads to him being blown up in the Great Sept of Baelor by Cersei and her wildfire.

Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand enjoy having orgies

Season 4, episode 1: Two Swords

In Game of Thrones’ fourth season, Prince Oberyn, aka the Red Viper, is introduced to the show alongside his paramour Ellaria Sand.

The episode in question very quickly establishes Oberyn and Ellaria as both bisexual and incredibly cool.

Oberyn, who is “famous for f**king half of Westeros”, and Ellaria are seen examining prostitutes in Petyr Baelish’s brothel when Olyvar makes another appearance.

Oberyn demands he gets undressed too, while Ellaria selects a female lover. Sadly, their menage gets cut short when Oberyn overhears Lannister soldiers singing The Rains of Castamere.

Season 4, episode 3: Breaker of Chains

Still, viewers are treated to another Oberyn and Ellaria orgy scene in Littlefinger’s brothel – except it’s Tywin Lannister who cuts it short this time, in order to discuss Tyrion’s forthcoming trial for the murder of Joffrey.

Yara Greyjoy gets off with a girl in a Volantis brothel

Season 6, episode 7: The Broken Man

In this excellent scene, Theon Greyjoy’s infinitely cooler big sister Yara picks up a prostitute in a brothel in Volantis and announces: “I’m gonna go f**k the tits off this one.”

Aside from it being glorious, it’s the first time viewers discover that Yara’s into girls. That said, we would’ve liked to actually see Yara f**king the tits off her.

Daenerys and Yara flirt in Meereen

Season 6, episode 9: Battle of the Bastards

Obviously, this episode is one of Thrones’ greatest – watching Jon Snow beat Ramsay Bolton to a bloody pulp was the retribution we’d all been waiting for.

However, there’s a joyous scene where Yara (and Theon) meet Daenerys and the girls get really flirty.

Another great line from Yara comes when Daenerys asks if her allegiance comes without any marriage demands, and Yara responds: “I never demand, but I’m up for anything really.”

Daenerys’ face says it all. She’s a right flirt and fancies Yara.

Ellaria and Yara kiss at sea

Season 7, episode 2: Stormborn

Yep, since she was outed in season 6, Yara has swiftly become our absolute favourite LGBT character.

Here we see Yara (and Theon) crossing the Narrow Sea alongside Dornish ally Ellaria Sand.

Ellaria and Yara’s flirting gets pretty steamy, with Ellaria saying she’ll treat Yara to a fine Dornish red wine when they arrive, before opening Yara’s legs and kissing her.

Of all the destruction Uncle Euron causes, breaking up that scene has got to be the worst. We would’ve liked to see them carrying on below deck.