This city will now fine trans people $500 for using the ‘wrong’ bathroom

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A town in Alabama has implemented a fine for transgender people who use a bathroom which corresponds to a gender other than that displayed on their birth certificate.

The city of Oxford, Alabama, implemented the new law in response to Target’s new policy allowing trans people to use a gender-appropriate bathroom.

This city will now fine trans people $500 for using the ‘wrong’ bathroom

Those suspected of using the “wrong” bathroom could be asked to provide a birth certificate or other official document to prove their gender, and those found guilty of breaking the law will be fined up to $500.

The Associated Press also reports that those violating the local ordinance could be jailed for up to six months.

The new law is one of various across the US, which aim to limit the bathroom rights of transgender people.

The Human Rights Campaign notes that there are 200 proposed anti-LGBT bills proposed in 33 out of the 50 US states this year.

Most recently bills were passed in North Carolina and Mississippi, which took aim at the rights of trans people to use an appropriate bathroom.

Retail giant Target on Tuesday said customers at its stores may use the bathroom which is appropriate to their gender identity, not the sex stated on their birth certificate, as dictated by such laws.

But as pointed out by this ‘redneck’ comedian, Target probably doesn’t care about the 800,000 people who have signed a petition to say they will boycott the brand.

This city will now fine trans people $500 for using the ‘wrong’ bathroom

Trae Crowder, in a brilliant video, put down the “bullshit bigotry” of those signing up to a campaign to boycott a company for making a move to be more tolerant.

A fake Facebook post is however, going viral, attempting to scare people into joining the anti-trans boycott of Target by claiming that it is installing urinals in women’s bathrooms.