WATCH: Alabama chief justice: ‘Trans people have mental illness’

The chief justice of Alabama, Roy Moore, has attacked an ethics probe that is to be launched against him as politically motivated by “mentally ill” trans people.

Talking in a press conference this week, Mr Moore said that “atheists, homosexuals and transgender individuals” were attacking him by making politically motivated complaints against his administrative order to prevent marriage equality in the state.

WATCH: Alabama chief justice: ‘Trans people have mental illness’

The Judicial Inquiry Commission of Alabama (JIC) has announced it will investigate the chief justice’s conduct and the order that was made.

The head of the state’s top court believes it’s in his power to make orders about same-sex marriage, despite the US Supreme Court legalising it across all 50 states last year.

The judge also blasted Ambrosia Starling, a trans woman, who held a mock wedding on the steps of the courthouse in January.

He referred to her as a “transvestite” before looking sternly at reporters in the room. He then referred to Ms Starling and other trans people as being sick.

He said: “We in a serious time in our country.

“A time when people who just a few years ago, would have been ascribed a mental illness, a mental disorder.”

If the JIC finds that there has been improper conduct by Mr Moore it can censure him or even have him removed.

Check out the press conference he gave below: