Donald Trump finds unlikely fans in Hindus in India

Donald Trump has found a group of unlikely group of fans in some Hindus from India.

The right-wing Hindu Sena held prayers this week in support of the Republican presidential candidate.


Speaking on why it supports Trump, the group said it was “because he is hope for humanity against Islamic terror”.

Trump has been criticised for proposed plans to build a wall between the US and Mexico, and for saying there should be a blanket ban on Muslims entering america.

He has also proposed that Syria be invaded by the US in order to stamp out Daesh (ISIS).

This week at the prayer, about a dozen members of the Sena lit a ritual fire and prayed in a Delhi park.

A banner was also hung at the ritual declaring support for Trump, and members threw offerings of seeds, grass and ghee into the fire.

The group’s founder, Vishnu Gupta, told the Associated Press that “only Donald Trump can save humanity”.

He said the Sena had planned “several events to express its wholehearted support for Mr Trump”.

Trump has said he would “consider” a plot to overturn equal marriage, and has assured Republicans he wouldn’t block a ‘religious freedom’ law to permit anti-gay discrimination.

London’s new mayor Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim to hold the office, has said he would not accept an exemption from Trump’s proposed Muslim ban, saying it is “ignorant”.