Homophobic Uber driver’s anti-gay rant made this man fear for his safety

When this man found himself in a taxi with a homophobic driver, he was shaken and scared.

Earlier this month, Lewis Peters took an Uber to meet friends and struck up conversation with his driver, asking what his craziest Uber ride has been.

To his horror, the driver responded: “There were two guys in the back of my car, kissing… It was disgusting and vile. It’s not normal.”

Homophobic Uber driver’s anti-gay rant made this man fear for his safety

Peters said that he felt immediately unsafe, explaining: “It’s not that I expected him to physically attack me. But I was alone in a car with a homophobe.

“I started calculating if he had realised I was gay and reckoned not. I just sat in silence as he continued to spurt his verbal abuse.

Writing for GSN, he added: “I was thinking of all the ways I could possibly keep myself safe in this situation.

“His hate had pushed me back in the closet for that journey, making me uncomfortable and, I admit, angry.”

However, when they arrived, Peters took back control.

He slammed the door as he told his driver, “You just had a ride with a gay guy.”

He then complained to Uber and was contacted by a senior support specialist.

Peters received an apology and was assured that Uber has a “strict policy with regard to discrimination of any kind”.

The driver was suspended whilst an investigation took place and Peters was given a full refund.

Earlier this year, Uber suspended a London driver who attempted to eject a lesbian couple from his car for kissing.