Russian study blames condoms for rise in HIV

Government-approved health experts in Russia have blamed condoms for the spread of HIV.

The experts, who are backed by the government, described how access to condoms promotes promiscuity.

The Russian Institute of Strategic Research presented the study at a public health commission in Moscow City Council. It stated that western models of fighting against HIV paid too much attention to at-risk groups such as drug addicts and LGBT people.

Authors also said that these models would not work in Russia because “cultural, historical and psychological characteristics of the population” are different.

The study also blamed homosexuality and promiscuity for the spread of infections and encouraged “traditional values” in relationships.

Igor Beloborodov, a scientist and co-author of the study said the best way to protect yourself from HIV is to “be in a heterosexual family where both partners are loyal to each other.”

According to the study the availability of condoms was encouraging people, including minors, to have sex and so was increasing the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases.

The study which is undoubtedly bizarre was criticised by some local deputies in the room. The head of the Federal Center for fighting AIDS, Vadim Pokrovsky, stressed the importance of focusing on condoms to reduce the spread of HIV.

Russia is seeing a fast growth of HIV cases and in the last five years the number of reported cases has almost doubled. Some of Putin’s policies have been criticised for contributing to this rise. In 2015 HIV case raised by 9% compared to 15% the year before.