Boy George: ‘Don’t call me gender fluid – I’m old fashioned’

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The singer says he is ‘rigid’ in his gender and sexuality.

Boy George is currently touring Australia with Culture Club and recently asked about the band’s heyday – and his iconic, androgynous style.

Boy George: ‘Don’t call me gender fluid – I’m old fashioned’

However, George says he “wouldn’t describe myself as gender fluid.

“I’m quite rigid about what I like,” he told The Project.

“Gender fluid suggests there’s the possibility of change and there really isn’t. I’m an old-fashioned gay man.”

“The thing about being gay is having no responsibilities, and that’s what I like,” George – who was sentenced to 15 months in prison for falsely imprisoning a male escort in 2009 – added.

“If you want to get married, good for you [but] I don’t want to get married. I don’t want to be respectable.”

He also admitted that he wanted “to get more and more outrageous.”

Back in April, the singer opened up about his sexuality, drug use and how his stint in prison helped him reassess his life.

He described his time in prison as “a gift” – saying it gave him some time to himself.

However, The Voice coach says he knew he would have to work hard “at getting my self-respect back” following his sentence.

On his previous struggles with addiction, he said that he has “made peace” with his demons.

“I’m in recovery and I hear a lot of people talking about how drugs destroyed their lives,” he explained.

Boy George: ‘Don’t call me gender fluid – I’m old fashioned’

“It’s not unique to pop stars. An addict is an extreme person whether it’s drugs or fame or being in love or food.”

He continues: “An addict is an addict. But until you can say, ‘I’m an addict’, you can’t start to make peace with those demons.”