WATCH: Todrick Hall’s Britney and The Beast parody

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‘Britney and The Beast’ is a delight that takes viewers on a Disney journey with Britney’s best hits.

Todrick Hall, the man behind the ‘Four Beyonce’ and other classic mash ups of our favourite pop idols, has wiped the floor clean with the video released yesterday.

(Photo by Todrick Hall/Youtube)

The Disney mash up between ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and Britney is a cleverly mixes the pop princess’ top songs narrating, the love triangle between Belle, the Beast and Gaston.

The 7 minute short, features a sassy belle being pursued by Gaston where the two duet a rendition of ‘Overprotected’ and ‘Lucky’.

The cinematic masterpiece flips to the dark atmospheric castle where Belle arrives to ‘I’m a slave for you’ and the beast sings ‘I see you looking at me, like I’m some kind of freak’.

Gastron appears on screen again with his 6 pack on show, girls clawing at him and singing ‘Work Bitch’.

Lumiere, Cogsworth and friends in brilliantly crafted costumes dance to ‘Gimme More’ before Belle and the Beast slow the pace down with a romantic ballroom dance to ‘Everytime’.

The aesthetic of the whole video is a visual delight with incredible costumes, lots of glitter and colours that pop through the dark and smokey scenes.

The Beast and Gaston fight in the showdown of the video to Britney’s classic single ‘Baby One More Time’ before Belle declares her love for the Beast.

Todrick himself stars as Beast and after the post transition kiss the video finishes with ‘Till The World Ends’.

The video is the third parody of Beauty and The Beast the YouTuber has created.

Todrick and his team are going on tour this summer with ‘Straight Outta Oz’.

Beauty and The Beast is receiving the live action treatment in a performance starring Emma Watson.

Watch the full video here: