Lesbian sues Chinese Education Ministry over gay ‘disorder’ textbook

A lesbian in China is suing the Chinese government over textbooks which call homosexuality a psychological disorder.

21 year old Qui Bai (a pseudonym to protect her identity) found the textbooks at her university, Sun Yat Sen in Guangzhou, whilst she was looking for information on homosexuality.

(Photo by GREG BAKER/AFP/Getty Images)

The student believes textbooks should at least describe homosexuality with objectivity.

She said: “I don’t want discrimination permeating the school I live in and the materials I use every day.”

Homosexuality was decriminalised in China in 1997 and in 2001 the country removed homosexuality from the official list of mental disorders. However, it is still widely stigmatised in the country.

The case is the third lawsuit filed by Qui Bai surrounding the issue, and is being brought against the ministry of education.

The first lawsuit Qui filed, in 2015, she dropped because she was encouraged to file a complaint with the Ministry instead.

When her complaint went unaddressed Qui filed a second lawsuit in April 2016. It was rejected on the basis that the ministry’s failure to address her complaint ‘did not impede her rights’.

On Tuesday the university student’s third attempt at a law suit was accepted by the First Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing.

A gay man just brought a lawsuit against a hospital in China after doctors subjected him to gay conversion therapy.

The 37 year old man was divorcing his wife when his family took him to a mental hospital to undergo sexual conversion therapy after he told them he was gay.

For 19 days he was there the man said that medical staff ‘force fed him drugs, beat him and kept him tied to his bed’.