This man says he refuses to let homophobes win following brutal attack

Matt Hall was violently assaulted by a unknown assailant last week.

A young man has written a powerful response to the homophobe who brutally assaulted him.

Matt Hall shared a picture of himself after the attack took place on Friday (June 17).

“I never thought I should be afraid of being myself. But yesterday morning, I was targeted and attacked for ‘being a faggot’,” the contemporary dancer wrote on Facebook.

“I was assaulted, punched repeatedly and choked. I was shouted at and spat on.

“They shouted things which I will not repeat in public or on any social media platform. All for being gay.”

However, the young law student says he is not a victim and refuses to let hate win.

“To whoever did this to me, wherever you are, I’m sorry. You failed to achieve your goal.

“Because I will continue to love the world around me, I will continue to love the people I surround myself with and I will continue to be proud of who I am and what I have achieved on this earth,” Hall – who studies at Lancaster University – added.

“I am sorry you feel such hate.”

He concluded his touching post by telling his “LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters” to “stick together.”

“For all my LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters, for every person who is perceived as a minority or as a deviant, for every single human being regardless of your physical, mental and social attributes; stick together, love each other and keep fighting. We will win one day.”

London’s police chief has vowed to keep this weekend’s upcoming Pride in London safe – as extra officers are drafted in for security.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the head of London’s Metropolitan Police, said the force did not expect an attack, but has put extra police on duty to make pride-goers feel safe.

However, the Commissioner added that it was “impossible” for the police to prevent every attack.