Watch: These amazing tube passengers stood up to homophobia in the best way

Tube passengers stepped up to challenge a homophobe laying into a gay couple – as part of a social experiment.

Internet prankster Julius Dein decided to stage the experiment on the London Underground, with two friends playing a gay couple.

Meanwhile, Dein was pretending to be a homophobe who attacked the pair for cuddling and holding hands in public – aiming to provoke reactions from the passengers.

He explained: They’re going to be a gay couple, I’m going to be homophobic, and we’re going to test people’s reactions.”

Secretly filming the incidents, Dein mocks the pair for holding hands, claiming: “They’re kissing and cuddling in public and it makes me feel sick!”.

However, some members of the public step up to defend the pair.

One pair of burly guys leap to the gay couple’s defence, warning Dein: “If you don’t get off the train, I’ll throw you off the train.”

When the prankster continues to mock the couple and takes a picture on his phone, one of the passengers interjects: “Listen, I’m getting wound up now.

“You took a picture of someone because you don’t agree with their f**king sexuality? Do yourself a favour mate… I’m going to knock you out!”

He warns Dein: “Do yourself a favour and go stand down the end of the carriage. You’re p***ing a lot of people off. People like you make this country look like s**t!”

On another occasion when the undercover video-maker made homophobic comments, one woman yelled: “Even if these two decide to start banging in front of me, that’s THEIR business!

“That’s nothing to do with you or me. How dare you? If you don’t like it, look away.”

When Dein claims his religion teaches him that they are no different to paedophiles, another man intervenes: “What’s it to you if they’re doing that? The only person that’s making us feel uncomfortable is you being here.”

“You’ve got such an audacity… why do you have to say anything?”

Trying the test again, one man shuts down Dein, insisting: “Love is love, that’s love, that’s love. There’s love all over this place. It’s their life… they’re going to do what they want to do.”

However, not everyone was so quick to defend the couple.

One man on an underground platform even sympathised with Dein when he made homophobic comments.

The man – whose face has been blurred – branded the pair “f**king disgusting” and claiming: “They’ve got more rights than we have nowadays!”

“These two f**king lipsing eachother up and holding hands like it’s f**king normal?”