YouTuber Kommander Karl hits back at triggered homophobes: ‘Grow up’

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A YouTube star has told raging homophobes to “grow up” after receiving backlash for sharing his wife’s art.

YouTuber and games developer, Karl Schecht, better known as Kommander Karl, was shocked by some of the responses he received after sharing his wife’s rainbow-themed artwork on social media.

Responding to the backlash in a post on Thursday (18 January), Schecht said he “didn’t expect to get negativity from some people” over the post, adding that he is an ally and that his wife is bisexual.

“If that’s a problem then you can f**k right off,” he continued.

Various responses to the post included people accusing Schecht of going “woke,” while others made the ridiculous claim that because his wife is bisexual, their marriage could be in jeopardy.

“We’ve been together since 2008, so I think we’re just fine man,” Schecht responded.

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In a subsequent post on Friday (19 January), the YouTuber again voiced surprise at the homophobic reaction to his post, saying: “What the f**k kind of responses even are these? Literally just plugging my wife’s art. Some of y’all need to grow up.

“Just a reminder, I DO support the LGBTQ+ community,” he continued. “If that’s a problem, please f**k right off.”

Kommander Karl has always been an LGBTQ+ ally

While Kommander Karl typically focuses on parody video game skits and fake reload videos, eagle-eyed fans will notice that he is no stranger to supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

Not only has he routinely shown support for his wife’s often rainbow-themed tapestry, he has also expressed solidarity with LGBTQ+ people fighting against discrimination and oppression.

“If you follow me and are against the LGBTQ+ community, go to my profile and tap [the unfollow] button,” he said in a post in January 2023. “Bonus points for blocking me.”

Schecht also hit out against right-wing artist Tyson James after he shared a clip from his homophobic song “LGBT”, with Schecht saying it was the “lamest, cringiest s**t I’ve heard in a long time.”

In a post on his YouTube channel in September 2023, Schecht responded to the outrage against the Bethesda game Starfield for including a pronoun feature, saying that the backlash had been “hilarious”.

“Being mad about a game asking you for your pronouns is like being mad at a car manufacturer for offering multiple colours,” he said.

“[Role-Playing Games] have been asking you for your sex and race for god knows how long but some of you people draw the line at f**king pronouns?”

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