This controversial Pride meme is making a lot of LGBT people very angry

A meme ‘slut-shaming’ some Pride goers has caused outrage online among members of the LGBT community.

It’s a time of year that most LGBT people love. Pride season gives many across the globe the chance to celebrate their history and sexual freedom loudly and proudly – as witnessed in London last weekend.

However, one internet user seems to think that the purpose of Pride no longer has anything to do with the history of LGBT rights.

The meme depicts a crowd of gay protesters with the words “This is gay pride” in one image and in the image below, two scantily-clad gay men grinding on each other with the words “This is Bullshit. Spot the difference.”

Unsurprisingly, commenters on the post – which has garnered over 4,000 shares since it was uploaded – were unhappy with the meme’s slut-shaming tone.

“We need to get the hell over this sexual repression bullshit,” one commenter wrote.

“Sex is natural, and normal.”

“The top [image] is pride: the bottom [image] is pride,” another wrote.

“Choosing to not hide your body, or to not walk in single file lines is an act of rebellion.”

“We can march in the street & demonstrate against LGBTQ-phobic violence AND twerk a parade float DOWN in jockstrap,” claimed Twitter user Angry Black Hoe-Mo.

“I promise WE CAN DO BOTH!”

“Let’s remember, the Orlando shooting happened in a club…where many activities that a lot of y’all “respectable” homos detest take place,” he added.

He was obviously referring to the mass shooting in Orlando gay club Pulse earlier this month, in which 49 people were killed.

“Stop throwing LGBTQ folks under the bus just b/c they don’t meet your fake ass ideal of heteronormativity.

“Fact of the matter is, whether it’s marching in a suit or dancing in a Speedo, the simple act of existing authentically is an act of protest.”