JK Rowling REALLY likes this gay erotica about post-Brexit Britain

Famed Harry Potter author JK Rowling has posted her sheer amusement at a real gay erotica book about post-Brexit Britain.

The author posted to Twitter about Chuck Tingle’s erotic novel ‘Pounded by the Pound’ to her millions of followers.

In addition to the hilarity of the existence of the book, which she assures us is real, Rowling also confirmed that a pretty spot-on review is also a real thing.


The reviewer wrote: “I picked this book as a protest,” they wrote. “I didn’t think I’d actually GET it.”

Rowling tweeted: “The book’s real, the review’s real and I’ve finally found something to laugh about in this whole terrible mess.”

The book, as well as have erotic content also crosses over into sci-fi as its protagonist Alex falls in love with a giant, living pound coin, and must travel back in time to reverse the Brexit vote.

Tingle describes the novel as the first “human on monetary unit” erotic book, as far as he is aware.

Either way, its pretty weird, and a little bit funny.

Earlier this month, JK Rowling sent flowers to the funeral of one of the victims of the Orlando Pulse gay club mass shooting.

The famed author also took to Twitter to warn followers to read or see the new Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play, that they would be driven to tears.

Rowling revealed last year that she would be writing a stage show about the story after Harry Potter left Hogwarts.

Some followers of Rowling were disappointed to hear that it would only be a stage production.

However they have since been appeased, as publisher Little, Brown, announced that the script will be published in a new book.