Denise Welch says she is glad that Boy Meets Girl is not too ‘trans-heavy’

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Denise Welch has promised the second series of BBC Two’s Boy Meets Girl will stick to the ‘DNA’ of the original.

The sitcom – which revolves around the developing relationship between 40-year-old trans woman Judy and 26-year-old Leo – will return later this week.

The second series will see Judy – played by trans actress Rebecca Root – befriend a young trans man, while Leo embraces the world of work.

Denise Welch says she is glad that Boy Meets Girl is not too ‘trans-heavy’

Speaking ahead of the show’s second outing, Welch admitted she was “a little bit concerned” that the new series would place too much focus on trans issues.

“What we all loved – and what the public loved – was the fact that, although the show was groundbreaking – in that Rebecca’s character was transgender and Rebecca is transgender – that became just part it,” she explained.

“I think there was a worry that, ‘What if we get the scripts and it’s become too trans-heavy?’

“The romance was what was lovely about it,” the actress added.

“But I think from what we’ve seen of the scripts, we’ve stuck to it for the DNA of the second series.”

Welch went on to say that she has “immersed herself” in the LGBT community, in both her personal and professional life.

“I grew up with a father who’s a drag act,” she revealed.

“My ex-husband [actor Tim Healy] plays a transvestite in Benidorm.

“My son is a pop star who wears make-up and is very metrosexual. And I have a million gay friends.”

Denise Welch says she is glad that Boy Meets Girl is not too ‘trans-heavy’

Welch – who recently played the mother of a trans character in Eastenders – also revealed that she had received only positive feedback about the show, especially on social media.

“Twitter is home of the troll, [but] I haven’t had one single negative comment about the show at all,” she said.

Boy Meets Girl returns to BBC Two on Wednesday (July 6) at 10pm.