Scottish Tory leader invites Andrea Leadsom to her wedding amid gay marriage row

Out Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has declined to condemn PM candidate Andrea Leadsom – after Ms Leadsom claimed same-sex marriage had “harmed” Christians.

Ms Leadsom, who will face off against Theresa May in a bid to become leader of the UK Conservative Party and Prime Minister – has faced criticism over her views on LGBT rights in recent days.

PinkNews reported earlier this week that Ms Leadsom had previously claimed that straight adoptive parents should have priority over gay couples in the adoption process.

The MP came under fire again yesterday after saying in an interview she “didn’t like” same-sex marriage law – claiming it “harms” Christians.

She said: “I would have preferred for civil partnerships to be available to heterosexual and gay couples, and for marriage to have remained as a Christian service for men and women who wanted to commit in the eyes of God.”

But Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, who is openly gay and recently got engaged to partner Jen, declined to condemn the comments on Newsnight.

Ms Davidson, who is supporting Theresa May in the election, said: “I’m in the Conservative Party, and I’m very happy that there are people here who have been proponents of equality like Theresa May.

“Even Lynne Featherstone, the Liberal Democrat minister that worked with her, said she was instrumental on equal marriage.”

Pushed on Andrea Leadsom’s comments, she said: “I don’t know Andrea Leadsom very well… but I think she said that it was something to do with her faith.

“As a woman of faith myself, who’s talked openly about my Christianity and some of the difficulties I’ve had in my past having to reconcile my faith and my sexuality, I know it can take some time to do that.

“I’m very pleased that Theresa May was instrumental in bringing forward same-sex marriage.”

She said that if Ms Leadsom is elected she will receive a wedding invite, adding: “Whoever becomes Prime Minister they’ll get an invitation to my wedding when it happens.”