WATCH: LGBT groups to air ad during Trump acceptance speech

A number of LGBT rights groups have joined together to air a commercial during Donald Trump’s acceptance speech.

The Republican’s presumptive nominee is expected to make a speech after he formally agrees to be the party’s presidential candidate.

The minute long ad, which has been produced by the Movement Advancement Project, Freedom for All Americans Education Fund and the Equality Ohio Education Fund, will air on Fox News during Mr Trump’s speech and features Alaina Kupec, a transgender woman from North Carolina.

The advert shows Ms Kupec out for a meal with friends, when she has to use the restroom. However, as she goes to use the ladies toilet, a member of staff directs her to the men’s room instead.

After a short confrontation, two women intervene and escort her to the women’s bathroom.

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In a voiceover, Ms Kupec says: “When businesses can legally force me to use the men’s room, it puts me at risk for harassment and violence.

“Safety and privacy in bathrooms are important to all of us.”

The video aims to highlight the fact that in 32 states, the scenario played out by Ms Kupec would be legal.

Ineke Mushovic, the Executive Director of the Movement Advancement Project, said: “We are concerned that this is happening without most people really understanding who transgender people are.

“Most people have never met someone who’s transgender, so their heads are filled with all sorts of stereotypes.”

Donald Trump has had conflicting views on the issue of transgender people using the bathroom, but told Caitlyn Jenner that she can use whatever one she wanted to at his properties.