James Franco’s adult film drama picked up by production company

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James Franco’s gay adult film drama has been picked up by a production company.

A new film based on the real life murder of gay porn baron Bryan Kocis, and starring James Franco, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year.

James Franco’s adult film drama picked up by production company

The film has now been picked up by IFC Films, meaning it is more likely to have a cinema release.

Jonathan Sehring, the president of IFC Films, said: “‘King Cobra’ affirms that Justin Kelly is a major up-and-coming talent with a bright future. In our tradition of supporting emerging filmmakers, IFC Films cannot wait to bring his daring, darkly witty film to US audiences.”

Justin Kelly, who directs the film, earlier this year said the creative team wanted the scenes not to “shock”, but to be “unapologetic”.

“We wanted to make it as unapologetic as possible,” Kelly said in an interview with The Wrap.

“I didn’t have a desire to shock — it’s a part of the story. Myself and the actors discussed from day one that you can’t shy away.”

Going on, Kelly said the range of gay sex scenes is wide-ranging, adding: “A few times, the actors took things further than the script.”

Writer-director Justin Kelly – who directed Franco in 2015 entry I Am Michael – hopes the film will prove equally successful.

It was revealed in October that Franco was starring in the film – which will be based on the brutal murder of the Cobra Videos filmmaker in 2007.

Disney star Garrett Clayton will play Brent Corrigan – real name Sean Paul Lockhart – a famed porn star for the company who starred in a number of high-profile adult films.


The movie also stars Keegan Allen and ’80s icon Molly Ringwald.

An official synopsis reads: “Offended by his paltry paycheck, Lockhart falls out with the owner, director, and producer Bryan Kocis (Christian Slater) of the label that made his famous Cobra video.

“When the newly minted sex symbol attracts the attentions of a cash-strapped pair of rival producers and performers (James Franco and Keegan Allen) an all out porn turf war ensues.”

However, the real Corrigan/Lockhart has revealed that he will have no involvement in the film, adding that the events and murder “are still very real and raw” for him.

Kocis was stabbed to death by two escorts at his Pennsylvania home nine years ago.

The murder was notoriously violent, with Kocis stabbed 28 times, before his throat was cut, and his house set on fire to destroy evidence of the crime.

Lockhart testified for the prosecution at trial of killers Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, explaining disputes within the industry over the use of the ‘Brent Corrigan’ stage name.

James Franco’s adult film drama picked up by production company

Meanwhile, Franco recently revealed what fuels his “obsession” with telling LGBT stories on screen – specifically that of gay men.

During an interview with Rolling Stone magazine the actor opened up about his “artistic preoccupation” with homosexuality and gay men in general.

Check out the trailer below: