Football club issues epic one word response to homophobic fan who slammed LGBT pride

The homophobic fan reacted badly to his team’s plans to fly the rainbow flag over their stadium.

Norwich City FC recently announced that they would be flying a rainbow flag over their grounds for a friendly match over the weekend

The team said that they would be installing the flag over Carrow Road in support of Norwich Pride, which took place on the same day.

However, not every fan was happy about the club’s decision.

Proving that homophobia is still alive and well, the fan questioned the plan on Norwich FC’s Facebook page.

“What the hell has this to do with football?” they asked in the now deleted post (pictured).

The club quickly responded with one simple word: “Everything”.

And while they may have lost the support of this particular homophobe, the club’s decision to support LGBT rights has won them many more.

“Being a straight male I for one CANNOT see any issues with this at all,” one fan wrote. “I think it’s amazing our club is willing to stand up for the human rights of others.”

“Good job Norwich City FC, hope other iconic clubs follow suit with these type of events, spread love not hate.”

Another fan branded the “stupid comments made by ill-informed morons” as “shameful”, before remembering one of the club’s former gay “heroes”.

“When you remember one of the club’s great heroes was Justin Fashanu, who ended up killing himself because of the sort of homophobia shown in some comments that he would suffer,” he told The Independent.

“Well done to the club on this occasion.”

Justin Fashanu came out as gay in an interview with the Sun in 1990.

He killed himself in 1998 after allegations that he sexually assaulted a teenager in the US came to light, which he strongly denied.

A US football captain recently donned a rainbow armband in support of Orlando victims, following the massacre in June.