Father writes series of erotic novels in bid to turn gay son straight

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This man went to great lengths to ‘cure’ his gay son’s sexuality.

Parents struggling to accept their child’s homosexuality often go to great lengths in an attempt to ‘cure’ their offspring, whether it’s sending them to ‘gay cure’ camps or having them hit with a bag of rocks.

However, a father from the UK decided upon a rather unique – and vomit inducing – way of ridding his son of his “gayness”.

Father writes series of erotic novels in bid to turn gay son straight

The father in question decided to write a series of erotic novels for own son, with the aim of arousing his and ultimately turning him straight.

The disturbing story was unveiled during an episode of the popular London podcast My Dad Wrote A Porno, which has developed a cult status among listeners.

The show sees host Jamie Morton read chapters from an erotic book written by his own father, although it was not written with his son in mind.

He is joined on the show by actor James Cooper and BBC Radio 1’s Alice Levine, as the trio tells a host of hilariously disturbing anecdotes and quip about extracts from the book.

Yet even they were particularly unnerved when a listener wrote in to tell her own story of parent penned porn.

“Hi guys, I mentioned this podcast to my mum the other week and she told me a story too good not to share,” listener Lindsay wrote.

“A few years ago my neighbour’s son came out as gay and his dad was less than pleased to say the least.

“Apparently, in his mind, all this boy needed to save him from this life of sin was some good old fashioned hot sexy straight porn.

“He searched far and wide but no existing porn was up to the task. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”

Hear the full story, as well as the host’s reaction to them, below: