Watch: A magician uses peanut butter and jelly to prove how simple the trans bathroom issue is

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This magician explains the trans bathroom issue for your kids, so you don’t have to.

Justin Willman destroys the anti-transgender bathroom argument in less than two minutes – and with peanut butter and jelly.

Willman understands that some parents feel “super uncomfortable” explaining the complex issues that are in the news today to their young children, so he made a little video to help out.

He uses a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly to represent men and women, with the jelly given a container marked with a “J” and peanut butter given one marked with a “PB”.

But what if the jelly container actually has peanut butter inside? And the peanut butter is actually jelly?

“Guess it doesn’t matter what it says on the jar,” Willman says. “If it’s got peanut butter in it, we should show some goddamn respect and call it peanut butter because it didn’t choose the jar.”

See, it’s that simple. What’s on the inside matters far more than the container it’s in.

Willman seems to also understand that parents often need a lesson in gender identity more than kids do.

He continues, “Kids, I know this seems so simple but there are some f**king idiots out there who just can’t comprehend this.

“They think that the peanut butter is going to pretend to be jelly so it can sneak over here and listen to the jelly pee and just jerk off. That’s not what this is about, Dad!”

Watch the amazing video in its entirety below: