Married anti-gay senator to pay $1k fine, won’t resign after admitting using work laptop for cyber sex

A Republican state senator has admitted having cyber sex with a woman who is not his wife using a work laptop, but has said he will not resign even though the state’s governor wants him to.

Republican state senator Bill Kintner recently learned the hard way about being too concerned with what other people do in their bedroom, and looked set to resign after a video of him having sex was found on his work computer.

The Nebrasksa senator  faced calls to resign from many, including the governor of his state, after the video was found.


It has still not been revealed the nature of the “sexually explicit video involving Kintner”, and it is probably in everyone’s best interests that it never ever gets revealed.

It was announced by Governor Pete Rickets that the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission was allowing Kintner to pay a $1,000, rather than face a hearing.

The governor’s statement said: “In light of the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission’s decision, Sen. Kintner should resign his office immediately. Period.”

But on Friday the senator acknowledged that he had accepted the sexual advances of a woman during a trip in July 2015, and claimed she had threatened toe extort $4,500 from him by threatening to release a video.

When that happened, he contacted the state patrol in Nebraska. He also admitted to his wife that he had been unfaithful.

“One sin on my behalf does not change all the things that I have done and all the positions that I have held. I think I have been up front and I have been honest the entire way by self-reporting this to the state patrol, by doing everything I can to stop the commission of a crime and then taking responsibility for what I did. We looked at all the options. I can easily walk away from being a senator. I don’t love being a senator. But I also know that I make bad decisions on my own or we wouldn’t be here. So I wanted to get this one right, so I prayed for an entire week. My wife prayed, my staff prayed, the pastor at Capitol ministries prayed and another pastor prayed. And I believe that I am right were God wants me to be. So I am not going to resign,” he said in a statement.

“Humbled by the reality that after initially resisting the overtures from a woman who had found me on Facebook, I caved to her temptation to engage in cybersex via her invitation over Skype – immediately afterword she informed me that she was extorting money from me – I knew as a follower of Christ I needed to take quick and decisive action and I did.

“I immediately contacted the Nebraska State Patrol. I knew that when there is a report, it would almost certainly would come out, but I think there is an obligation to not be a victim of crime. After investigation, the state patrol informed me I was most likely the target of a foreign criminal extortion ring.”

Kintner could still be impeached or expelled.

The married senator is anti-LGBT, anti-abortion and has been accused of racism.

“Due to the ongoing investigation of this issue, I have been unable to say anything publicly,” the governor said in a statement.

“If the allegations are true, Senator Kintner needs to resign,” the governor had previously said.

The case has been handed over to the ethics watchdog group The Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission.

Kintner is married to the governor’s chief policy advisor, Lauren Kintner.

A strong opponent of same-sex marriage, the senator is reported to have “loudly opposed same-sex marriage, gay adoption, and transgender rights. He has also publicly declared that Christians should let gays know their business isn’t wanted by providing them with bad service.”

He has also been accused of racism, and was previously strongly criticised for posting a photo of a beheaded woman to show his support for the death penalty.