Watch: Bill Maher says trans equality should ‘take a backseat’ until after ‘Armageddon Election’

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TV host Bill Maher has said that the fight for trans equality should be set aside to ensure Trump doesn’t win the upcoming election.

Bill Maher urged Americans to put all their social issues and causes aside – including the fight for trans equality – and focus on defeating Trump in the upcoming election.

In Friday night’s “New Rules” segment of his show, Real Time with Bill Maher, the TV host argued that all other “boutique issues” should come second to making sure Trump is not elected.

He also said the Republican nominee was like “an infection, you don’t fool around with it.”

Maher went on to explain that he isn’t “suggesting that we through the transgendered under the bus or discount their struggle… but this is the kind of culture-war issue that rouses a certain type of voter out of their trailers on election day.”

Later in the segment, he adds that the people who lead on social issues aren’t actually in Washington – they’re in Hollywood.

“This transgender thing? Let us handle it like we did with gay rights, which very few cared about until Hollywood put gay people in every single TV show,” he said.

“We hit them with Glee and Ellen and Will & Grace and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and pretty soon being gay was just part of our Modern Family.”

He also pointed toward Caitlyn Jenner, saying she’s “already shown Americans that a transgendered person could be just like them – a deluded nitwit who supports Donald Trump.”

Leading up to the Republican National Convention, Jenner said she won’t “give up” on the GOP despite the extremely anti-LGBT platform, but has also said she doesn’t endorse Trump or Hillary.

Watch the complete segment below: