NBC host refers to wife of lesbian Olympic athlete as ‘her husband’ (VIDEO)

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An NBC announcer has apologised after referring to the wife of a lesbian Olympic volleyball player as her “husband”.

Chris Marlowe, an announcer for NBC, made the blunder while referring to Larissa França’s wife Liliane Maestrini as França took to the stands after advancing to the round of 16.

FIVB Olsztyn Grand Slam

Outsports reports that França went to Maestrini in the stand after she and her Brazilian beach volleyball partner Talita Antunes won their match to advance.

França and Maestrini married back in 2013, but despite both being women, Marlowe referred to the latter as “husband.

“She gives a hug to Lili. That is her husband. She married Lili in 2013 and Larissa is celebrating with her pals,” the announcer said, not correcting the mistake.

Marlowe released a statement which said: “I’m sorry for the mistake today. Clearly, Liliane is Larissa’s wife.”

Outsports notes that on Monday night NBC showed Tom Daley and his fiancé Dustin Lance Black but didn’t recognise him as such.

Back in 2008, NBC refused to acknowledge the boyfriend of out diver Matthew Mitcham, and was accused of censorship then.

Watch the strange moment from Rio 2016 below:

A rugby player was proposed to by her girlfriend following rugby finals at the Rio de Janeiro games.

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A gay couple also sweetly stopped amid the torch relay to have a cheeky little kiss.

The US women’s soccer team has already been the subject of homophobic chants from the stands, even though the Olympics only began this week.

Out gay Olympian Amini Fonua made a stand at the Rio 2016 games… by asking people to look at his butt to promote equality.

Restrictions on transgender people taking part in the Olympics are being loosened, allowing them to take part without undergoing gender surgery.

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