Homophobe fined after fight breaks out with gay man over Brexit

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A man has been fined for using homophobic language before attempting to punch a gay man in the face over a Brexit argument.

Crawley Magistrates Court heard how Myles Garrard had been arguing with Aaron Huykman over the UK’s position within the European Union, the day before the historic referendum in June.

Homophobe fined after fight breaks out with gay man over Brexit

The court heard that following an argument, the two began fighting outside the Brewer’s Arms in West Sussex before Mr Huykman decided to leave and meet a group of friends.

As he did so, Garrard allegedly heard the victim say he would hit him if he came back and so walked over to him and said, “Just as well you are a faggot”, before attempting to take a swing at his face.

His swing missed, but knocked off Mr Huykman’s glasses.

Prosecuting, Melanie Wotton told the court: “That was a glancing blow that knocked his glasses off. It was aggravated of course by the homophobic remark used.”

Geoff White, defending, said that Garrard had learned his lesson and admitted he shouldn’t discuss politics “especially with people that are intoxicated”.

Paul Freeguard, Chairman of the bench, said: “The offence must be treated more seriously based on the hostility of the victim’s sexual orientation or viewed sexual orientation.”

Gerrard admitted a charge of assault by beating and was fined £65.

He was also ordered to pay £85 in prosecution costs and a £30 victim surcharge.