Study reveals that people you send d*ck pics to, show their friends

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A new study has revealed that if you send a picture of your penis to someone, they are likely to show their friends.

The findings published in a report by the University of Indiana revealed that almost of quarter of people will show them to more than three people.

Study reveals that people you send d*ck pics to, show their friends

The study called, ‘Sexting among singles in the USA: Prevalence of sending, receiving, and sharing sexual messages and images’, asked 5,805 single adults between the age of 21 and 75 a number of questions about sending and receiving sexual images.

It found that over 20 percent of people have sent messages including some form of sexually explicit text and nearly 30 percent had received such a message.

When it came to images, 16 percent said they had sent something explicit and 23 percent said they had received it with men 1.5 times more likely to send a message than a woman.

Most worrying of all for those that send dick pics was that 23 percent of people reported sharing them with at least three other people, despite the fact that almost three-quarters of respondents said they found that uncomfortable.

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Men were also twice as likely as women to share the images with others.

Justin Garcia who led the study said that the real risk of sexting was for the images to be shared among other people without consent.

“It raises the question that if someone sends something to you with the presumption that it’s private and then you share it with others — which, when it comes to sexting, nearly one out of every four single Americans are doing, what do we want to consider that type of violation? Is it just bad taste? Is it criminal?”

Although the survey found that sexually explicit messages were sent between younger people, between 60 and 74 percent of people said they believed that disclosure of the messages could damage their career, self-esteem or relationship with friends.

Last year, disclosing intimate images of someone else became illegal in England and Wales. A number of US states have also criminalised the practice.