Anti-gay pastor tells a pride event to stop ‘celebrating’ anal sex…while hiding behind a car

An American pastor who crashed a pride event and told it’s attendants not to “celebrate sodomy”, did so from behind a car.

Flip Benham, a notorious anti-LGBT ‘preacher’, attempted to disrupt Charlotte Pride at the weekend by using a loudspeaker to shout homophobic and transphobic rhetoric.

Anti-gay pastor tells a pride event to stop ‘celebrating’ anal sex…while hiding behind a car

Spending most of his rant hiding behind a car, he said that “Jesus Christ made America free”.

“Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty,” he said.

“Jesus gave us this freedom and we are throwing it and flushing it down the toilet.

“It’s about time we said, ‘Jesus, come back and rescue us’”.

As his tirade continued, a number of people from the pride events came over to confront Benham and his cohort.

One woman can be seen giving him the middle finger, while a large man waving a bible over his head is confronted by another attendee.

The most outrageous part of his speech is when he tells the pride event to stop “celebrating sodomy”.

He added: “How is it that when a man puts his penis up another man’s rectum that is somehow called a good thing?”

Mr Benham is the father of Jason and David Benham, twins that were almost offered a reality TV show before their family’s extreme anti-LGBT record was discovered.

Last month, Flip Benham attended a meeting of Charlotte City Council where he said the city’s streets would run with blood because it wants to allow transgender rights.

“You cannot make a moral wrong a civil right,” he added.

Despite Mr Benham’s attempts to disrupt the events, Charlotte Pride saw its highest number of faith groups ever in attendance.

Supportive churches, who are opposed to HB2, made up over ten percent of the contingents in the parade.

Watch Benham’s rant from behind a car below.