These university students want people to swap their guns for dildos

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Thousands of students in Texas have turned up to campus armed with dildos to protest a new state law.

The group, known as ‘Cocks not Glocks’, distributed nearly 4,500 sex toys around the University of Texas ahead of a protest on Wednesday (August 24).

These university students want people to swap their guns for dildos

The protest was aimed a new piece of state legislation that allows people to carry guns on university campuses, while dildos are considered obscene and banned from a number of them, including the University of Texas.

About 4,000 protesters turned up to the event, including a number of them who entertained the crowd by dildo-juggling.

Jessica Jin, the person who organised the protest, said people were encouraged to carry the sex toys with them until the law is repealed.

“Everybody’s made a dick joke on the Internet before, and you never think anything’s going to come of it,” she said.

“Dildos are considered an obscenity on campus, and thus technically prohibited, firearms will now be permitted.

“Why isn’t a gun an obscenity? So I created a Facebook event thinking that I’d just point it out to some of my friends and make them laugh by inviting them to this satirical protest that I wasn’t planning on having, and it blew up overnight.

“This is a long-term play and people are going to start talking about gun culture differently, and looking at it differently, and maybe laughing at it a little more.”

Watch some of the dildo-juggling that went on below.